Scottish terriers to take over campus

By Madeline McGregor, Staff Writer

Next year Scottish terriers will be on the Almost College campus.

“It will be interesting to see,” said Alex Shaw (‘18). “Being here at Almost, squirrels cross our path constantly, it will be something new to see little dogs around. I know the superstition of being bad luck when a black cat crosses your path, I do not know what it would for a little black dog.”

The Scottish terrier is one of the common breeds of dog that originated in Scotland. But it is only one of the five breeds of terrier, the others being the Skye, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, and the other common breed, West Highland White terrier, with whom it is quite similar. As a promotional act to renew the Scottish ancestry of the college, these terriers have been brought from various areas of Scotland and the Isle of Skye. However, to propagate the pure Scottish background, only Scottish terriers will be allowed, no other breeds of dogs.

Also known as “Scottys” these dogs were first recorded in 1436 and made popular by King James VI of Scotland when he became James I of England. It was the first Earl of Dumbarton that nicknamed these little black terriers as “the diehards,” as it was a rugged breed.

“Being able to play and pet with the terriers after a long hectic day of homework or exams would be a great stress reliever,” said Melissa Colter (‘17). “If they are going to be allowed on campus, it would sure beat waiting for the therapy dogs.”

The terriers will be housed and roam around the campus. Scottish terriers, originally used for hunting on the Scottish Highlands, are known for their energetic disposition and wiry black hair. They are a small breed that get up to around twenty pounds in weight and only ten inches tall.

“It would make sense for a college with Scottish background to promote a more Highland atmosphere,” said Patrick Curran (‘15). “That being said, having little terriers on Almost’s campus would make me miss my dog at home.”

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, in 2007 made the Scottish terrier their school mascot. Carnegie Mellon, whose predecessor was the Carnegie Technical Schools which were founded by Andrew Carnegie, himself a Scottish American tying in that Scot backstory.

“There is also a breed of cat called the Scottish Fold,” said Mary Frances Eshleman (‘16). “If terriers will be allowed, a type of cat should too, for

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