St. Patty’s party at Hamilton Commons

By: Chelsey Cobb, Staff Writer

Hamilton Commons was a sea of green during the St. Patty’s Day party last Saturday. This was the first St. Patrick’s Day party put on by ACUB.

“This St. Patty’s Party feels more like the campus is actually coming together rather than just people you know, right now you get to meet each other and have a good time,” said Abby Delaney (‘16) a student who attended the party.

The first party by ACUB was the Halloween party last October. Based on the successful turn out at that party, St. Patty’s was modeled in a similar fashion.

Dr. Jeff Turk, associate professor of chemistry, was the DJ for this event and supplied the green lights. Just like at the Halloween Party, each student entering who was 21 or over could drink up to three of the offered beers.

“When ACUB starts planning a new event, the heads of the staff are the people who plan most of the event and the rest of that team all help run, organize, and work it,” said Alexis Beach (’18).

The students who are a part of ACUB put a lot of work and time into the planning and setup of these events to make sure that things run smoothly and safely.

“The students that work for ACUB work as teams assigned to different activities and do an incredible job to make sure places are reserved for events,” Jenny Campfield (‘13), the ACUB faculty advisor said, “I just recently became the faculty advisor, but from everything I have seen, they are devoted to their work.”

There were a few changes that the ACUB members thought would make the party better, such as changing the location to the upper level to make a more exciting and closer environment. There was also the addition of a photo booth where people dressed in themed gear with their friends.

“With the work that gets put into events like this, it’s good to see the people having fun and enjoying the St. Patty’s Day party we put on,” said Beach.

From 9 pm to midnight, students came and gathered, but before any of that could happen, ACUB student workers started the setup by arranging the layout, decorating the tables, and making cotton candy hours before the party started.

“ACUB is here to put on events for the students to have fun,” said Campfield. “The students seem to be enjoying themselves and that makes this seem to be a successful venture.”

The turnout at the party and the students’ enthusiasm for it was able to turn the hard work of only a few student workers into the enjoyment for many more.

“It was awesome, I’ve never seen Saga so lively,” Isaac Burrell (‘15).



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