Letter to the Editor – Another perspective on Ben Carson’s visit to campus

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Dear Editor

Apparently, a number of my colleagues have a problem with inviting Dr. Ben Carson to an Alma College sponsored event because it does not purport to Alma’s mission. Let me take a moment to review some the speakers that have come to Alma College sponsored events.

A number of years ago, we invited a woman (Madeleine Albright) who was okay with killing 500,000 brown children in Iraq. Recently, we invited a speaker (Neil deGrasse Tyson) who likes to insult religious people especially Christians as intellectually crippled.   We have also had another high profile speaker (Vincente Fox) who has made disparaging comments about blacks.   The list could go on and on.

There have been numerous speakers who have made “divisive” and “incendiary assertions” that somehow kept with our mission, but a Christian and African American who has taken the Christian view that homosexuality is a sin is apparently not to be welcomed to our College. This certainly sends mixed messages about our commitment to a diverse and inclusive community. One has to wonder if this is truly about the mission of the college or something else.


Feler Bose

Assistant Professor of Economics

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