Five Women Artists you should know

By Paige Daniel

Staff Writer

In honor of it being Women’s Month, I present to you a list of five women artists you should know. These women are on the rise—anarsenal of passion in their stockpile that only keeps growing andtheir talents becoming refined or blowing out into the greater atmosphere. Happy Women’s Month!

1. Empress Of

Empress Of (Lorely Rodriguez) is a student of the socially conscious, smart pop school. Imbued with certain values that show themselves in her music, her debut album Me addressed topics such as living in poverty, self-reliance in the modern age and gendered pet names, all with the structure and energy of an electronic pop sensibility.

Rodriguez flaunts a crystalline voice that can mimic the very synths she employs, adorning her music with vocal samples and glossy house beats. Her finest talent lies in being able to create tension and tighten the atmosphere with just one synth line.

In her latest track “Woman is a Word,” she turns the personal into the political.

“I’m only an image of what you see/You don’t know me…/I’m only a woman if woman is a word/ Bird to a bee…/I’m only a struggle if I get in your way/You made the road/Made the road one-way.”

Empress Of is giving us the pop music we deserve – we can dance, but we can also think.

2. The Internet

The Internet is a six-piece band based in Los Angeles, helmed by Syd the Kyd (Sydney Bennett), a former member of Odd Future.

Although she is not a self-professed advocate for the LGBTQIAP+ community, her lyrics often feature expressions of love towards women, something that is hard to come across even in these modern times.

The Internet’s instrumentals are an R&B/jazz/soul hybrid of smaller proportions, with a laid back and eyes to the sun kind of musicianship.

Bennett has a home studio and this lends itself to The Internet’s homemade sound. On their most recent album, Ego Death, Bennett exudes suave determination.

Track “Get Away” finds her shrugging her shoulders, stating “it could be worse.” Indeed, it could be. But Bennett found the sweet spot between overconfidence and just enough confidence.


Nineteen-year-old Aurora Aksnes, known as AURORA, is an anomalous butterfly. Her debut album “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend” was released two weeks ago, with an interesting sonic landscape in play. She shares

Florence and the Machine’s penchant for whimsy and natural imagery.

Her instrumentals take a back seat to the real star of the show – her voice. There is a writerly instinct there, a literate inclination that decorates her music with wisdom beyond her years, not limited to the actual beauty of her tone, a wispy cadence that flits between octaves.

She worked with multiple electronic producers to achieve her sound, which is cohesive throughout the whole album, but it is when her songs are stripped down that their true value is revealed.

This multiplicity of abilities not only to write a good song, but to have it succeed in different formats is an underrated quality to possess.

There is an unremitting stage

presence to AURORA, a nervous grace as she acts out the music with her body. Indie pop is rife with faux-emotiveness, but AURORA is doing it right.

4. Mitski

Mitski Miyawaki stands on her own amongst the rest with a fiery feminine soul that craftily weaves itself through her semi-punk, semi-indie rock music.

Her lyrics are more a manifesto than anything else, a mission statement for her mind, her body, her vulnerabilities and her beliefs. Performing at an NPR Tiny Desk concert, she wielded her guitar like a shield, her voice a messy form of its own poetry.

Her second and most recent album Bury Me at Makeout Creek is scathing yet soft – the irreducible power of Mitski. There is this duality to her music; she is able to sing sweetly or beseechingly over a fuzzed out, grunge guitar riff, and she is also able to write lullabies and laments.

There is not one note, one tone pitfall that so many indie bands waste away with. Her

voice is not just her vocals; it’s her intense and meditative core.

5. Tinashe

Self-made R&B artist Tinashe is best known for her hit “2 On,” a prominent club banger for the 2015 crowd. While “2 On” certainly has its merits, her recent tracks leading up to the release of her sophomore album submit a fresh take on the classic R&B princess.

There is a sharper hint beneath her shimmering instrumentals, as new track “Ride Of Your Life” exemplifies.

Tinashe has previously produced almost all of her music (a noticeable feat for any artists), with “Ride Of Your Life” featuring production from Metro Boomin, who has produced tracks for rap royalty with the likes of Kanye West, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Young Thug and Future.

Tinashe lives with her parents in California, not the mark of a late bloomer, but an entrepreneur. She has her own studio where she wrote and produced four mixtapes and her debut album. She seems highly conscious of her production choices and her next move, every step of the way a bona fide talent.

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