GSD hosts event to educate all on pride flags

By Monica Kunovszky

Web Editor

Last Friday, March 17th, GSD hosted its annual Learn Your Flag event. Held in the Rotunda, this event was open to all and encouraged individuals to push their boundaries as well as learn more about pride flags, the meaning behind their designs and about the communities they represent.

Domeshera Liddel (‘18) stated that the event was to show students and the campus that, “there is more to the LGBTQ community than being gay.”

Jade Garcia (‘17) also commented that she enjoyed the event and it brought out her personal philosophy that, “everyone has something they’re into. Do you. And be proud.”

The event displayed the wide array of flags representing not only different sexualities and genders, but kinks and fetishes as well, ranging from leather pride to furries.

Some flags represent more about sexual preferences, not associated with any particular sexual gender preference.

GSD hoped that this event could open the door to more conversation and enlighten individuals on the possibilities of different aspects involved with the LGBTQ community that are out there.

Simerra Jones (‘18) stated that, “it’s nice to know you’re not alone.”

GSD meets weekly Thursday nights at 9pm.

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