Lessons from newsprint

By Hannah King

Campus Editor

As I look back on my last year of reporting, I reflect on all of the unfortunate defecation that has struck the rotating cooling device this year.

It did not start with election night, it started in July when Trump accepted his nomination. Needless to say, the latter months of the summer were spent in a confusing state of apprehension and denial.

When I got to school, however, I was at least able to lean on the Almanian as a medium to relieve the constant tension that came with keeping up with the news.

I spewed out anger towards Trump and how consistent his inconsistencies were, I listed the many irritants that accessorize Gary Johnson and on election night I let out all of my sloppy sorrows.

It is safe to say that the Almanian didn’t need me, I needed the Almanian. Without the freedom to more or less say whatever I want, I am not sure I would have made it to 2017 (in America).

In addition to allowing me to relieve myself of my frustrations, writing about the election reminded me of what I never thought I would need reminding of. After the election, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver—along with comparing Trump’s hands to being “tiny raccoon paw-sized”—told his viewers to do whatever they can to never, for the next four years forget that “this is not normal.”

Writing for the paper has been this reminder. In fact, the news in general serves as this reminder to all. Yes it can be poignant to see “thousands of immigrants held at airports” or “millions of dollars taken from the EPA,” when turning on CNN or reading the New York Times; but knowing these things prevents ignorance, and it also commences action.

While it is easy to list all of the threats facing American people right now and even easier to complain about them, it is also important to recognize all of the amazing things that we have done to stand up to these threats.

At Alma, we have rocked the vote, held solidarity gatherings for those hurt by the election, held constructive debates and commentaries regarding Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter as well as pro-life and pro-choice, and even traveled to Women’s Marches throughout the state and country. New organizations have been born, including Alma College Action, Alma College Republicans and Voices Enabling Equality.

Reporting on the activism and the blossoming groups that have taken over this year has opened my eyes to the value of news not only cautioning us that “this is not normal” but also demonstrating the power of people who care about this abnormality.

I thank the Almanian for teaching me how to report, for being my shoulder to write on and for showing me the true merit of the first amendment.


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