Statement from Mancino’s owners regarding Sodexo contract

Note from the Editor: Given the development of the Mancino’s-Sodexo contract story being late in the week, the deadline for our final edition and the fact that the owners of Mancino’s were away when we called, Mancino’s owners Wayne and Sandy Braun were not interviewed for the article. They have written in for some added input regarding the story.

When we originally  had a partnership with Alma College 5 years ago, we thought it worked out great. They earned commission, but supplied the (card) reader . Then with no warning, Sodexo backed out of our partnership.

This time when approached, we were cautious, but we agreed on the commission the college would receive on a percentage of our sales, and started to move forward.  Then unlike the last time, (Sodexo) said there would be a card reader cost involved.

At the agreed commission there is not any profit left, so I told Gary Brown that $2,000 for a machine  plus a $290.00 a year maintenance fee was too much and we were only guaranteed one school year.  He then told me he would check into a less expensive card reader before spring break.

Then just about two weeks ago I received an email from him that our partnership was not going to happen.  Done deal, not even another offer on the card reader.

We love having the students as customers and as employees, so we were looking forward to it, but as a small business we have to make sure to make a profit, even a small one in the end, and not lose money.

Offering choices to the students makes for another way to attract future students, but purchasing the card reader, the maintenance fee, the commission to the college and hiring more employees (hopefully college students) to cover the extra patrons with only a one year contract would not be a sound business venture.  We would look forward to trying to work something out in the future if the opportunity arises.

Wayne and Sandy Braun

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