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Austria Post Selects Mobility House for 100% EV Fleet management

Austria Post has a target of putting into use 100% electric vehicles by the end of this decade. The company started delivering parcels and mails via electric cars in 2011. It has the highest fleet of EVs in Austria and is responsible for nearly 80% of the delivery areas throughout the country. Austria Post owns 2,400 AC and DC Charging stations in more than 130 depot locations, and it is planning on adding more to help it achieve the 100% electric vehicle transport system. However, Austria Post is not a charging network but a delivery service. As a result of that, it has a partnership with The Mobility House to use its ChargePilot System.

As of now, 10% of the Electric buses worldwide use the ChargePilot platform to manage the power requirements and charging times. In a press conference, head of fleet operations, Paul Janacek, spoke of the Austrian Post’s current situation, claiming its transition to EV in 2011. And the battery-electric drive is worthy of all the praise, and the company is working on strategic plans to expand the electric vehicles and go completely electric by 2030.

For a successful ride, the company needs a charging management system, and ChargePilot is the best option. What role does the ChargePilot system play? It is a system that allows the Austrian Post to take advantage of the low power ricing during the day to cost optimize charging without investing in more infrastructure. Its main advantage is that the system can manage to charge equipment with different developers, whether they are AC or DC equipment.

Also, the system has a forecast feature allowing the users to look out for a potential failure and give preventive measures in time before an occurrence of a breakdown. This management system will enable customers to prioritize charging some cars depending on the distance a vehicle travels. Greg Hintler, the managing director of the company’s operations, explains why Mobility House is the best option. He explained that some locations have over seventy charging stations varying from AC and DC equipment. Hence it was essential to choose a system that is compatible with the existing components.

Over the years, Austria Post has taken joint ventures with many EV charger manufacturers and automakers, needing a neutral system that fits the current infrastructure. This move is bold, but the company can successfully transit to clean-energy cars without wasting the existing infrastructure if successful. Mobility House, ChargePilot system means that Austria Post will keep track of the charging unit, monitor power usage, and give top priority to cars traveling for a longer distance compared to others.

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