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Satellite Software Utilis raises $6 million for detection of terrestrial water leaks

One of the most growing sectors on the planet includes the space industry, especially the satellite world. Everyday experts come up with new technologies and discover facts about the place and the devices. And these facts help humans deals with some of the happenings on earth. The Satellite software startup raised $6 million, which is necessary to detect terrestrial water leaks.

The company is famous since its analytics were used to detect the presence of water on Mars. These funds will come in handy as experts try to figure out ways to accelerate growth and reduce the climate crisis. The Israel-based startup software received funding from the transatlantic venture capital company Beringea for its investment phase. This company plans on using these funds to get the necessary technology and satellites to protect the crucial infrastructure and water supplies globally. It also plans to venture into the ground engineering market by expanding sales and marketing teams to improve growth across the UK, North America, and Europe.

The Utilis’ satellite-based technology delivers data-driven solutions to help utilities and government agencies by using its SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) sensors. They are abroad satellites that detect water leaks and drinkable water. These analytics was initially designed and constructed to detect water on Mars since it can detect leaks in terrestrial infrastructure for 3 meters underground. With that, the planet can deal with the climate crisis and ensure good water resources on earth.

This satellite software startup was started in 2013 by an atmospheric physicist, Lauren Guy. He led the team to create technology that can help the planet deal with the available natural resources. Currently, the company is under the governance of Elly Perets, who is the CEO. He is a well-experienced software businessman who runs the company in its main headquarters in Israel. Utilis currently has forty employees in the UK, Israel and the US.

Their contribution to planet sustainability is exemplary since its patented-leak protection has been utilized in more than 400 projects globally across 55 countries, including Italy, the US, China, South Africa and Chile. Currently, it has a record of 30,000 detection leaks ensuring that utility firm can save over 7,000 million water gallons and over 17,000 megawatts of power. Also, it has reduced at least 11,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Recent figures show that 20% of treated water in the UK is lost during the distribution settings though 75% is well-conserved. Utilis uses a network of satellites to detect drinkable water and leaks in a reliable and cost-friendly way. Other than that, it offers reliable data to engineering firms, transportation planners and property managers. Elly Perets stated that they are working to grow their product in different industries to serve society.  

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